Quality products, artistic designs, amazingly unique fragrances and clean ingredients. Every product is handpoured and created with love and a little bit of magic right here in Grass Valley, California.

Dark Fae Candles

Vibrant, colorful, marbled tops, amazing, mouth-watering fragrances, fueled by lovely, braided, cotton wicks. Paper threads woven into every cotton wick for a clean, romantic, slow and consistent burn. Each candle is unique from the next, as they are hand mixed and hand poured right here in Grass Valley, CA. We use only coconut and soy waxes, (paraffin free) for a safer, cleaner, and longer burn time. (Almost 72 hours) All fragrance blends have been heavily researched, are 100% phthalate-free, and free of any other carcinogens, mutagens, and toxins. (making them Prop 65 compliant if located in CA) We not only care about the look, fragrance, and quality of our candles, (and as well as all of our other products) but also the effects they have in our customer's homes.

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Dark Fae Wax Melts

These wax melts are simply magical. Beautiful fragrance blends, gorgeous colors with touches of mica powder for a lovely shimmer. Melt in just minutes, to fill any room with these tantalizing fragrances. 100% all natural soy wax

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Car Diffusers

Dark Fae Creations llc is making car diffusers! These wonderful car accessories pack a punch and eliminate unpleasant odors. They last over 3 months, are easy to use, recyclable and conveniently come in the same scents as our candles and wax melts. Say goodbye to cardboard fresheners that last less than a week and enjoy 3-4 months of continuous mouth-watering fragrance.

"When you support a small business you support a dream. Thank you for supporting my dream. I put a little bit of my love into everything I create and send it home with you."

-Liz Newman (owner of dark fae creations)